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An easy way to create and share menus

Give parents the meal and nutrition information
for the most important person in their lives.

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LunchTray features

Save time building custom menus with LunchTray and give parents access to them online.

Quick Set-up

Save time uploading menu and nutrition information from Nutrikids to make building menus a snap.

Easy To Manage

Manage menus for your entire school district from a single user-friendly admin panel.

Nutrition Tags

Add labels to mark dietary restrictions, categorize food by stations and make notes for kitchen staff.


Parents can view meal content and ingredients wherever they are or whenever they need it.


LunchTray is easy to customize. Show some spirit using your school colors and brand.

Offline Menus

Parents can view menus online or download printable versions for the week or entire month.

Why LunchTray

LunchTray is flexible software built to help create menus and share them with parents – 
so parents can plan for their kids’ nutritional needs, when and where they need it.


Better nutrition for kids by matching their dietary needs makes them happy and healthy.


Easy, instant access to menus simplifies parents’ lives and lunch planning.


Save time and resources and add reliable, transparent communication for admin.
Thousands of families have access to LunchTray every school day. Are you ready to serve up a better menu?

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We would love the opportunity to serve your school. If you’d like to learn more about how LunchTray can help, send us a message and we will be in touch.
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